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Emotions and Kids Writing

How is it that I'm now writing kids books?

Little known FACT #1: I've always loved READING them... especially the beautiful picture books.

FACT #2: At a book store, I am the adult who drifts off from the rest of the family and sits between the book rows nearly surrounded by piles of kids books. I'm also the same person who doesn't want to leave because there are soo many new books to look at. If I can't buy them all, then I want to memorize the art's richness and oogle over the gooery words. That person is totally me.

I NEVER thought I would be writing AND illustrating the books though! That reality is still hard to hold on to-- and its easy to feel intimidated by the awe-inspiring works of so many amazing authors and illustrators... the colors the line work, the rhythms...

YET... as a former kid, teacher, and current mom-- I KNOW how hard it is... simply to grow up. There are so many obstacles and issues for kids to navigate.

Being a parent's hard... being a kid is harder. I found myself wanting to write kids books because

I wanted and feel like I can make a difference.

I want kids to be able to identify, express, and (politely) stand up for their emotions.

I want kids and parents to feel empowered and not discouraged.

My books are my works-in-progess but also my "connector" gifts to kids and parents... a way to spend time together reading and sharing thoughts on serious subjects that are splashed with humor. Little Cat is me... my kids... any kid. Being a parent is hard... being a kid is harder. But, parents and kids united can make all the difference.