Children’s Book Author & Illustrator


Official Bio

Dori Durbin grew up most of her life in a small town in Michigan. After earning a BA in English and a secondary teaching certification, Dori taught high and middle school English and Science classes for ten years. She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Human Services specializing in Schools & Communities.

After an illness, she switched gears and began her career as an certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She also began to pursue her passion of being and artist and author. She currently still lives in Michigan with her amazingly smart and talented family: husband, son, daughter, three pleasantly pampered indoor cats, and her old Great Dane.

Dori teaches youth art and participates occasionally in art shows. She has additionally taken courses with Make Art that Sells (Lila Rogers), Story Teller Academy (Arree Chung), art classes, participates in a few of the gallery and special event shows the Little Blue Mushroom (Kristen Balouch). She hopes to continue to learn about writing and illustration for children– and owning many cats!


10 Fun Facts about Author/Illustrator Dori Durbin

  1. She lives with her very fun and talented family: husband (Tom), son (Isaac), daughter Olivia), three indoor cats (Mia, Tux, and Nia), and a big harlequin Great Dane (Remi).
  2. Most of her life she has lived in Michigan— in the very house she grew up in. 
  3. Growing up, she always wanted to be a veterinarian, a doctor, a writer, and an artist. So far she’s been a teacher, a fitness instructor, an author/illustrator, and a personal trainer.
  4. One of her big-adult dreams has always been to write and illustrate children’s books. And now she has!
  5. Her first memory of learning how to draw something specific was of a tree… an art lesson from her kindergarten teacher.
  6. She adores cats! They are one of her favorite pets to draw/paint as well!
  7. She cannot sit through meetings without a pen/pencil and paper to doodle on.
  8. Her first memorized book was Disney’s “Bambi.”
  9. Her favorite children’s book was the amazingly sweet, “When the Wind Blew” by Margaret Wise Brown.
  10. One of her favorite memories was snuggling up and reading stories to her own kids at bedtime … she hopes one day she can read to her grandkids, too.


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